Update on the master bathroom

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Back in January, I posted about our master bathroom renovation. Since then, things have come a really long way. We've painted almost all of the trim (still have to do the windows), installed our bidet toilet seat (which, as it turns out, looks really funny on our slimline Kohler Valiant toilet, but I'm not about to get a new toilet so ...), and added the shaker pegs to hold our towels. We had to call a few design audibles along the way because of reasons (the mirrors are a prime example), but overall the design bears a striking resemblance to what we wanted. With the pandemic, we've had to hold off on getting our linen cabinet with laundry chute built, but it's on the list.

The only major problem we've encountered is all the defects in the vanity we purchased from Houzz. Our contractor tried to fix the broken door with the paint sample the manufacturer sent, but it's really just lipstick on a pig. The only way to "remove" them, is to fill them with wood filler and paint the whole damn vanity. And if I'm going to do that ... 

I've been thinking about maybe adding some more color in here. I had intended to add color, depth, and texture with my decor, but no one sells the bamboo blinds I wanted to use anymore because of the cords, which means the rest of my design idea in here is shot too. Now, I'm thinking of going in a new direction.


(studio mcgee)

And if we're going this route, maybe add in some brass hardware beyond just our light fixture? I'd wanted to change out the hardware anyhow since it's kind of ugly, so this could be my opportunity to do that. I'm terrible about mixed metals, so I'm not sure how it'd look with our chrome fixtures and mirrors and then brass hardware and chandelier. I guess I could buy them, and if it doesn't look good, just return them? Must give this some more thought.

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