Master bathroom renovation

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

One of the areas of the house that we're remodeling is the master bathroom. Originally, the area consisted of our bedroom, a bedroom sized dressing room with a fireplace and four closets, and two side-by-side his (shower) and hers (tub) bathrooms. While the bathrooms weren't my favorite element of the house, they were serviceable and we had no immediate plans to address them ... until one freezing day last February when temperatures dropped to below 5 degrees and a pipe burst in the shower.

Suddenly our kitchen remodel took on a whole new life, and we expanded the scope of the work that needed to be done by leaps and bounds. Rather than keep the two separate spaces, we decided to combine them into one large one. While we could have gone with a very basic remodel of the space, we decided to do it once and get the room we'd always wanted. Practically since I've known Alan he's been talking about a steam shower, and I love a good soaking tub (our first house in Dublin spoiled me in this regard).

Since June, we've had many variations of the plan, this being the original mood board I put together sometime in July.

From there, we tweaked a few things, and sent this inspiration board to our project manager based on the bathtub we found at a plumbing and supply show room in Beverly.

A few weeks later, we played around with a more masculine look to echo Stephen Cross's origins as a ship builder.

That design morphed into this one, and I really felt like we were narrowing in on what, exactly, we were looking for.

And this, my friends, is where we stand today. The beadboard has been mostly installed, the tile had finally been finished (after a nightmare experience with some pattern blind installers!), and now we're just waiting to take delivery of our dual vanity and bathtub, and for the plumber to hook everything up.

My hope is that this room is a calm, soothing escape that we will enjoy for years and years to come.

Here are a couple of in progress pictures. (I need to run to the paint store and pick up some Stonington Gray to get started on painting the trim.)

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